MES Benefits


System Benefits

SYSCON-PlantStar Systems offer the features and benefits you'd expect in a custom-designed package without paying a premium price. Take a look at our four basic systems capabilities.

  • Maximize Plant Floor Effectiveness - Identify under-performing areas and determine the best ways to streamline your operations.
  • Maximize Maintenance Investments - Accurately maintain machine logs to identify downtime reasons, forecast tool changes, schedule maintenance and track equipment failures for repair and replacement.
  • Improve Corporate-Wide Decision-Making - Real time information on key performance indicators allows real-time management of production assets for profitable decision-making.
  • Achieve Paperless Documentation - Electronic storage and retrieval of ISO/QS/FDA requirements, historical job data, set-up sheets, schedules, maintenance records and manuals can be universally available and kept up-to-date on the network.
  • Identify Root Causes for Process Improvement - Track critical variables that affect part quality while the job is running to implement defect prevention no defect detection. SPC analysis provides the metrics to measure and implement lean manufacturing techniques.
  • Justify Capital Expenditures - Justify or reject capital equipment expenditures based on accurate performance data.
  • Develop Accurate Job Costs for Analysis and Planning - Implement cost analysis and strategic planning with accurate scrap, run and downtime figures by machine, shift and job.
  • Control Job Schedules for Resource Allocation - Schedule current and future jobs by machine and completion dates for precise forecasting of labor and material requirements and inventory management.
  • Simplify MES/ERP/MRP Software Integration - IDBC and accessible technologies to auxiliary equipment create simplified integration for bar code printing, automated guided vehicle systems, gauging and PLC's file transfer and supply chain integration.
  • Configure Flexible Network Access - Put information where it’s needed using standard and wireless Ethernet connectivity for facility and corporate-wide communication access.
  • Customized Report Capability - Custom report capability offers tools to turn raw data into management tools.
  • Enhanced Browser Operator Interface - PlantStar’s completely re-engineered browser based operator interface uses Mozilla® Firefox® tabbed browser capability to provide features and functions that exceed market expectations. Product and quality pictures or graphic and PDF files along with manufacturing instructional support are just a large touch screen button away whenever necessary. Each browser page has been ergonomically designed to provide the maximum amount of information with the minimum number of keystrokes.


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