Family Tool Tracking

Family Tool Tracking

A frontline management solution to run and track multiple parts on the same machine simultaneously!

There are considerable savings to be realized by running all the parts of one product with one tool but in the real world family tools are very difficult to run efficiently.  The machine parameters that work well for one cavity produce rejects in another.  Rejects in one cavity produce uneven product inventories and hard-to-track scrap loss.  Accurate materials forecasting is difficult due to the different part weights for individual cavities.  If you do not get complete "sets" from every cycle, you may not have the required quantity from the less productive cavity before shut down.

Family Tool Tracking deals with these issues by treating the individual component part as "children" in the multiple part tool.  Each "child" is assigned a unique part identifier when the original product standard or "parent" is created so each piece from a multiple part tool can be tracked independently as a separate job.

Critical Capabilities

  • Run and track multiple parts on the same machine simultaneously
  • Forecast material requirements and completion dates by component part
  • Track scrap factors by individual components
  • Maintain accurate inventory counts
  • Provide traceability for quality documentation
  • Create packaging and labeling instructions per individual part number

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