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Optional Item=Optional   Item included in system=Included QuickShot SnapShot Portrait Panorama
Cycle Time
Cycle Time Graph/SPC
Up Time
Down Time - 20 Reasons
Reject Tracking - 20 Reasons
Assist Calls - 20 Reasons
Enhanced Down & Reject Reasons - 160 Reasons
Machine Performance
Machine Utilization
Overall Equipment Effectiveness “OEE%”
Drag & Drop GANNT Chart Job Scheduling
Job Summary
Tool Change Scheduling
Single Material Usage/Forecast
Multi Material Usage/Forecast
Concurrent Users 4
Concurrent Users 8
Concurrent Users 12
Concurrent Users 12+
Single Material Lot Tracking  
Multi Material Lot Tracking  
Voice Paging
Digital Paging/Emails
Pareto/Pie Charts
Process Monitoring — 20 pvars
Process Monitoring — 50 pvars
Profile Graphs (up to 4 total)
User Defined Area Under Curve
SPC Sampling/Correlation Analysis
Family Molding Software
Web-Based Setup Sheets for Document Control
Labor Scheduling/Tracking/ Forecasting
Process Journals
Shot Tracker
Enhanced SPC Evaluation Tools


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