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SYSCON-PlantStar features a broad array of open, scaleable hardware and software technologies designed to help you optimize your operational and business performance. We offer a full line of MES solutions to help the manufacturing and processing segment of your business improve quality, maximize efficiency and leverage your existing investments in facilities, people and equipment

It is the intent and the design of the family of SYSCON-PlantStar manufacturing monitoring products to offer its customers a complete line of scalable products that meet or exceed their needs.  The production and process monitoring systems offered by PlantStar help you squeeze more efficiency out of every step of your manufacturing process.

The PlantStar product line consisting of QuickShot, SnapShot, Portrait and Panorama are designed to permit the end user to select the right product, at the right time for the right price. Select the system that best meets your plant requirements or budget constraints from our modular product line.

With MS Windows, browser-based navigation tools and Ethernet connectivity, PlantStar brings integrated solutions to streamline production and enhance the profitability of your company. If you're still undecided, go to our selector guide.

If your goal is to optimize the efficiency of your manufacturing process, you need the PlantStar Family of Products:


An entry-level, “real-time” production monitoring/scheduling system with multiple first time user benefits such as low cost& high value. This simple to install and use monitoring system that provides impressive scheduling and production reporting features found on much more expensive products. Designed to replace clipboards and manual paper based systems that cause so many financial problems for smaller contract manufacturers and OEMs. Available in three versions (12, 24, & 36 machine configurations). Additional features include unlimited operator browser connections from usersupplied personal computers, 20 pre-configured reject and down reasons, as well as four Windows®-compliant user clients for programming and reporting. See more...


This “mid-entry” level solution provides highly adaptable real-time production scheduling and monitoring solutions. This extremely configurable product provides interfaces for all of the desirable production control add-ons such as: production scales, on demand user-designed bar code label printing, electronic set-up sheets, family tooling, lot tracking functions that communicate to and from raw material blenders. Expanded reject and down reason codes (up to 160) are among the most requested features of the SnapShot product. See more...


For manufacturers that need high performance production and process monitoring without a large system implementation expense. Portrait offers enhanced real-time production scheduling & reporting along with fundamental process monitoring to provide high value at affordable costs. Other features include: SPC analysis and machine data collection, high-speed profiling, support for process specific machine interfaces, client & server support for Open Process Control, and multiple alarming options that include voice paging and e-mail support. See more...


For manufacturers that require not only high performance, but also a production and process monitoring product that provides full traceability functions with optional multioperational processing and data collection. Key attributes of Panorama product are the historian and the on-line process journaling features that enable compliance with FDA specification 21 CFR part 11. Other key features: real-time sequential process scheduling & monitoring capabilities, enhanced process monitoring, SQC sampling and advanced SPC evaluation tools along with high-speed profiling, and client & server support for Open Process Control. Also included are enhanced alarming, voice paging, and e-mail notification of triggered events. See more...


PlantStar - A provider of shop floor production and offering real-time plant wide asset scheduling, quality reporting, maintenance planning, labor tracking and more.


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