SYSCON-PlantStar System Components 

CIM / Data Collection Module

These microprocessor-based shop floor units gather, display and allow for the entry of key shop data right at the machine site.  They are the gateway to the production for your system network.  The units are designed to provide the basic functions of parts counts, machine run or down time by interfacing to a digital signal from the machine representing cycle start.  In addition, the CIM units are capable of gathering information from a combination of sources including direct connection to analog and digital sensors or interface to a machines controller.

PlantStar has expanded its ability to direct interface to machine controllers with its introduction of it OBC-IM (Open Process Control) line of client/server products.  PlantStar has partnered with the OPC technology leader Kepware Technologies to deliver a standardized data map solution for every supported machine/control.  In this way the new OPC-IM eliminates specialized programs and drivers, resulting in cost savings and rapid implementation of a CIM/Machine interface protocol.

CIM units can be configured to support one machine for every CIM thus providing the maximum data capture from a single machine.  However, in those situations that allow multiple machines to be supported and monitored by a single CIM, the units can be configured to support any combination of machines up to 16 per CIM.  Expanding the monitoring capability of a CIM in increments of 4 the user can gain the maximum system coverage while minimizing the cost per machine.


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