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Career Opportunities at SYSCON-PlantStar

PlantStar Jobs - Developing Solutions for Manufacturing Companies

SYSCON-PlantStar is committed to providing our customers quality and efficient solutions for their manufacturing management needs.  We have been able to provide this type of product, engineering and support services by attracting and developing creative and motivated employees.  PlantStar is continually looking for people who want to join a team of dedicated and professional people who understand and implement the company goals. This team spirit applies not only to our technical staff but also to our sales/marketing group and administrative support staff.

Located in South Bend, Indiana our sales, support and development teams have created an atmosphere of cooperation and creativity.  If you are looking for just such a working environment please fax your resume and career interests to our Human Resources Department at 574-287-5916.


1108 South High Street - South Bend, IN 46601 - Phone: 574-232-3900 - Fax: 574-287-5916

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